Monday, March 30, 2009

Angry Moms Fight With School

Off the subject of business...moms this ones for you. Yesterday, when picking up my kids, I noticed a dot pasted in the middle of their forehead. My children explained to me, it was Indian Day, a day spent focusing on East Indian Culture. I understand, the children being taught about different cultures around the world and think it's a great learning opportunity...however, being a christian, I am extremely upset with the schools for putting this dot on their forehead without even thinking to ask us parents first. And of course, they did not review any meaning behind the dot on the forehead. A "bindi' or "The dot", in India, signifies the individuals spiritual eye. This spiritual eye is also called the 'third eye. This infuriates me!!! To make matters worse, my child cannot bring a bible to school because it is considered to be a conflict of other religions. But then what do they call this?!? Do you think I am over reacting?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama...We wanted change...right?

Like a lot of Americans, Election Day was an exciting moment for me…not because we would have the first black president…but because he seemed like a president of the people and after the damage Bush put on our country...we KNEW, as a country, that…yes CHANGE was needed. But is this the change we were hoping for? I'm not to sure...and I'm starting to question my vote...Anyone else with me on this...?

Medical Billing Scam..What they don't tell you

Doing medical billing from home...sounds legitimate right? WRONG! You end up paying $300-$600 for this software to supposedly start your business. Then your told that you'll be given a list of potential clients in your area (majority of the time these so-called clients are nonexistent). What they don't tell you is that most medical clinics, outsource billing to firms, not individuals. So chances of you finding legitimate work, are very slim to none. Now lets say u do happen to find a medical clinic who would be willing to work with you, you know that software that you just paid $300 for, it doesn't match the software they use. And your out $300. If anyone knows of legitimate medical billing, work from home, opportunities, post em. I know too many people that have been fooled by this scam and would love to see them with a company that truly does have this opportunity available to them.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Share Your Secrets Of Success

As a mother of three, I was consistently looking for legitimate work from home opportunities. I found it hard to differentiate the real opportunities from the endless scams..Now that I have found the opportunity that I was looking for, as an Independent Travel Consultant, I thought it would be a great idea to share this opportunity and to discuss LEGITIMATE business opportunities, as well as the scams we need to stay away from. What did u try? Did it work? And And if did you achieve success? If your still looking for that opportunity..take a look at my website...I promise you it is NOT a scam...There is a short video that explains what it is you do as an Independent Travel Consultant and how to achieve success. Just go to click on 1 and pay attention ...this is an amazing opportunity.